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To be the greater future, let’s our dreams come true.
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Every one has a chance to dream. Every one needs to dream a fresh new dream. So that our dreams come true.
New Dream Media Ministry

New Dream was born from the heart of four young seminarians in 2002. In 2003, New Dream has organized as a media and ministry center. New Dream is a small Christian literature ministry and focus on Christian literature, media and community development, ministry. As God gives His people the new visions to fulfill His will, New Dream is trying to shape the Will of God and to participate in building the Kingdom of God. To be the greater future, let's our dreams come true.

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New Dream Media and Ministry is running with the four young peoples and friends around the world. New Dream is based on Myanmar Christian Community.

Mung Pi – City

SIAM GO MUNG @ B. Sc, Yangon University. He served in Children Ministry many years. He is also an editor of Childhood Image Magazine, Magazine for the children. And resource person of Myanmar Compassion Project’s child ministry. He published his first book of Stories Collection in 2006.

Aung Aung

Project Manager
B.Th, Myanma Institute of Christian Theology. M.T.S, Myanmar Institute of Theology. After his graduation from theological institutes, he continues his studies on Information Technology to serve effectively in media related fields. He is now serving as a project manager of New Dream and a web administrator. He participates in open source community of Myanmar (OpenMM). He studied Linux Network Administration course at The Linux Lab.

T.E. Pau

Translator & Magazine Editor
B.Th, Myanma Institute of Christian Theology. After his graduation from M.I.C.T, he began his translation works. He mainly aims to educate the young people of Myanmar. He translated three books namely “Love and Marriage” by Bruce and Carol Britten (in 2004), “Answers for Your Marriage” by Bruce and Carol Britten (in 2005) and “Love is a feeling to be learned” by Wlater Trobisch (in 2006). He also served as a coordinator of Christian Artist Network (Myanmar) from 2004 to 2006. His current work on translation is “Reporter’s Interview with Jesus” by Benton Rain Paterson.

Thang No

Ministry Coordinator
B.A, Yangon University; B.Th, Myanma Institute of Christian Theology. He participates in pastoral ministry as an assistance pastor at Chin Gone Immanuel Baptist Church.

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